Activities & Events

Our Residents Like to Have Fun

We graciously encourage our residents to participate in, and help plan, our activities and events.

Some of our Activity & Residential Services Include:

  • Access to personal phone services & Wi-Fi internet services.
  • Acces to cable television, either in their room or in the relaxing common areas.
  • Transportation to appointments, exercise classes, shopping trips, or wherever else they’d like to go!
  • Live musical events & activities
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Holiday events, including birthday celebrations.
  • In-house salon with professional beauticians.
  • Worship services for those who choose.
  • Bingo and more fun board games.
  • Gardening. Our Award-winning Blue Ribbon Garden Club has a blast growing vegetables each summer.

Our residents enjoy a variety of activities throughout the week and we strive to provide a fun environment where they can create lasting friendships and bonds with those around them.

Residents Playing Games

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